Poker films you totally should see

There are countless articles going around the internet about the exposure of poker games in the media and here is my take on it . Thanks to the allure of Vegas – it famously is one of the most wanted holiday destinations; thanks to the romantic and nostalgic feelings the word poker leaves in some people because it is widely connected to the stories and 70s movies about the Wild West, it is one of the most commonly used elements in movies.

Firstly, I’d like to recommend a movie – 21 (2008), which in fact is not strictly about poker but about college students learning how to cheat at blackjack by – yes, you guessed it – counting the cards. poker moviesBesides its excellence overall it is memorable because it is actually based on a true story.

After this short intermission, allow me to continue with my overall reading of the way poker games and such are presented in movies and etc. Let’s divide them roughly into two categories : the books and movies where poker is ‘just fun’ or is basically put on a pedestal OR where it’s seen as a destructive, detrimental activity to the individual that often leads to a big loss of money or the unspeakable – an addiction.

For our first category, we have , unsurprisingly, Maverick (1994) – a very fun movie, which was distributed as a comedy so don’t expect it to tackle any serious issues or to help you learn how to play poker. Nevertheless, it has a great casting and I promise you won’t regret wasting the 127 minutes on this film.

Another fun movie is Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) – which promises a lot of misadventures for the main character and a lot of cheating in the poker games.

Moving on to the more serious movies, I strongly recommend Rounders (1998) which in my opinion is the best movie about poker so far. It talks about problems such as being a ‘professional’ gambler, such as paying of loans and so on. And a honorary mention gets The Sting (1873) with Paul Newman, which was a big hit in its time and won several Academy Awards.

I love these great movies and in fact I envy you because you haven’t seen them yet. Watch them as soon as possible, you will not regret it.

My ‘introduction’ to poker

Poker is one of the first games made available to be played on a computer. Still, online poker has only now been getting popular with internet users, especially young people. This , of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it develops logical thinking and is a more meaningful activity than just wasting time on the internet. On the other hand, one might lose money this way and infamously – it can even become an addiction.

No one is quite certain how, where and when poker became what it is now. Most people think that it is a combination of various other card games and that it has evolved in the Wild West. But there is proof that even the Persians have played a game very similar to the poker we know and love today. pokerThere are many different variations of the game depending on the betting limit and etc. However, Texas Hold ‘em is sure to be the most popular one. It has gained additional popularity due to the exposure it has got in the media – in books, movies, TV shows and so on. Moreover, its rules are comparatively easy when compared to the other variants of the game. If you are a newbie, I’d advise you to start with learning Texas Hold’em before anything else.

Other prominent types are the so-called ‘Omaha poker’ which is in fact very similar to Texas Hold’em, with the exception that players get 4, not only 2 cards. Both these games are such in which the cards a player has in his hand are combined with cards on the desk, that are visible to everyone.
The Five-card draw is another variation where the only cards are in the hand and it can be improved by replacing the cards. On the contrary, the Five-card stud is similar however there are face up and face down cards and multiple rounds for betting.

All in all, poker is another fun way to spend time on the internet, or even in real life. But just like with everything else you have to be careful.

As usual we have a video part of our blog. Today, it will be for so called razz poker and its rules. Have you watched it? No! Then, spend some minutes and learn.

3 rules for winning in a poker game

To become a very good poker player you need to have three very important things. On one hand, you need to have poker talent. You have to be able to judge different situations quickly, to have a sense of risk and especially to have serious discipline. Besides being talented, a good poker player should be hardworking. It takes long hours of studying and reading many various strategies and how to apply them in a real game.

The third condition connected with the development of a poker player is the experience. To gain experience is probably the most difficult in poker, because opposed to other sports every poker loss ispoker equivalent to losing money.

So, if you don’t have talent there isn’t much you can do. The hard work is up only to you, but for the third thing you have the entire poker community behind you.

The modern world offers thousands of opportunities to play free poker, so now every fan of the game can join into the tens of thousands of tables every day, where you can play without betting real money. In free poker the money is replaced with points which you can win or lose without worrying too much.

Moreover, there are also plenty of free cash tournaments where you can win real money without putting and risking a penny. It is an offer which is not so easy to see somewhere else.

By playing in these tournaments every poker player accumulates valuable experience which will bring him or her closer to the moment when he or she will be successful enough to real battles where real money is bet.

Don’t forget about this combination of three factors – talent, industriousness and experience. Develop them entirely so one day you can safely say that you are a true poker player.

Do not stop reading and educate yourself and do not overlook free tournaments. Indeed, the thrill of playing with real money is greater, but so is the disappointment of losing. It is very easy to move from frustration to full retirement and nobody wants that right?

Enough talks, OK. Let’s watch this video which will show us how to win at poker game